Lock for Plex can be found at (bookmark this new link)

Photo Gallery (fomerly known as ‘Offline Photo Gallery’) can be found at (bookmark this new link)

Recipes (fomerly known as ‘Home Recipe Manager’) can be found at (bookmark this new link) If you were previously using Google Drive to store your recipes you would need to visit Google Drive and Download the ‘Home Recipe Manager’ folder to your computer and then hit the ‘Browse’ button seen in the new ‘Recipes’ app and select the ‘Home Recipe Manager’ folder. Furthermore, when you save a new recipe, you will be prompted to save it, do so in the same ‘Home Recipe Manager’ folder or any other folder if you decide to segregate your recipes into multiple folders on your Computer. When you edit a recipe and click save it will be saved as a new file. To delete a recipe, just delete it from the folder on your computer.